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World Health Assembly focused on implementation of the International Health Regulations, and improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis.

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The World Health Assembly today made decisions relating to polio, the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework, and the health workforce. Delegates paid tribute to ongoing efforts to end polio transmission in the last three endemic countries - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. They expressed concern about the continued shortage of inactivated poliovirus vaccine, and noted the urgent need to contain polioviruses in safe facilities, destroy unneeded materials, and appropriately contain...

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In her final opening address to the World Health Assembly as Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan offered some advice to delegates "as you continue to shape the future of this Organization".

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What do the C.I.A. and Nigerian imams have to do with the fight to end polio? Retro Report examines how the worlds of politics and public health can collide.

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The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed almost 10,000 people, but it appears the number of people dying from the virus is finally slowing down.

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BBC Africa correspondent Andrew Harding has been out with Liberia's ''Ebola detectives'', as they attempt to bring the caseload down to zero.

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New Ebola infections have fallen in Liberia, but it still has the problem of what to do with huge quantities of potentially infectious human waste.

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