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I hate going more than ten seconds with nothing but my own thoughts to entertain me. When I walk three blocks, I listen to a podcast. I read Twitter while I pee. What I hate the most is brushing and flossing. I can’t hold my phone, I can’t talk, I can’t admire myself in the mirror because I’m foaming at the mouth. I…Read more...

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Don’t reflexively pitch that bottle of sunscreen that’s still in your bathroom closet from last year! Check the expiration date if there is one, but if not, you’ve got three years from the date of purchase to use it up.Read more...

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If all you can think about Monday morning is how quickly your weekend flew by, you might want to consider expanding your horizons a bit in the future. Turns out, the key to a fulfilling weekend that doesn’t feel too short is to seek out “newness.” Read more...

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Categories: mind hacks, weekends, relaxation, psychology, time, time management


Welcome to this week’s edition of Will It Sous Vide?, the weekly column where I usually make whatever you want me to with my immersion circulator. Read more...

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Categories: will it sous vide, sous vide, meatloaf, cooking, food, kitchen, meat

The Kindle Voyage probably isn’t worth it for most readers at $200—not when you can regularly purchase a very good Kindle Paperwhite for around $100—but it’s worth your consideration at $135.Read more...

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Welcome back to Sunday Sustenance, a weekly column where we cook for the laziest day of the week. In our grand debut last week, I highlighted the hot new #trending #cloudeggs. Now that Memorial Day is here, it’s time to get outside and grill — we’re making souvlaki.Read more...

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Categories: sunday sustenance, cooking, food, greek, meat, kitchen, chicken

Temperature is probably the most important variable in cooking, but it can be hard to control if you don’t know what it is. Sure, there are various tests you can employ to test “doneness” of various foods—the ol’ palm trick for steaks; the toothpick inserted in a cake—but these only give you approximations. If you…Read more...

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In terms of functionality, Apple’s generic, preloaded keyboard has certainly improved, but even after adding its own App Store, complete with stickers and apps, it’s still a little bland. What I do love about Apple is its support for third-party keyboards. You can ditch the generic offering and download enough…Read more...

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