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SEO Basics: Read up the basics of SEO-Search engine optimization tips and tutorials on improving websites and blogs visibility on search engines.
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Instagram is one of the social networks that is continuously expanding when it comes to users and popularity. So, it is natural that brands all over the world are trying to engage their audience through this platform. So, how do you reach your goals? A perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and understanding about the public can help you succeed on this platform. The platform is ideal to widen your popularity and boost your SEO as well. How? Let's take a lookBusiness Tools For...

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Image: Blogs SEO Strategy1.Do a SEO Audit to see what's wrong with your  Blogs SEO ?There are a lot of tools (free,freemium,premium) available on the internet for SEO Auditing your websites and blogs.First when you start doing SEO for your blog you should definitively do a SEO Audit.Here are some tools that I often use for SEO Auditing my sites:Semrush,AhrefsSeocerosWoorank,Varvy, IWebCheck, etc...2.Improve Your Blog Technical SEOTry to improve the technical SEO issues pointed on the report...

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What are SEO Friendly URLs and what is URL Structure ?Its important for the users to know the structure of the URL.By the structure, I mean, even if the user cuts keywords on the URL and enter it on the address bar, it should return to the page where it meant to be.Image: SEO Friendly URLsA site's URL structure should be as simple as possible. Sub-pages should also be easy to read.For example,

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Ask a blogger or site owner what they’d like most in the world, and they’ll probably tell you traffic to their site. But this isn't an easy task. With so much content flooding the web, many sites, both old and new, a lot of bloggers struggle to get people to pay them a visit and because of that a lot of great blogs have failed.How to Increase Traffic to Your Website for Free and Fast ?!There are a lot of ways you can increase traffic on your website, but today, I'm going to tell you the best...

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SEO Blogger BlogspotBlogger Blogspot SEO Tips - SEO Plugin for Blogger:Read these Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogger Blog users so that you can increase traffic to your blog.Use Blog Title,Search Description,Robots.txt.Blogger is considered one of the best regarding Search Engine Optimization. Blogger is also one of the most used blogging platforms in the world, that offers free blog with a Blogspot subdomain for everyone. Blogger now provides their users with the option to...

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