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A hiker who got lost in a snowstorm on the perilous Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon says he wouldn't have lived another night if deputies didn't answer his desperate call for help.

Source Feed: FOX News
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Several Yemeni expats in the Detroit area who pleaded guilty to transferring millions of dollars to their war-torn native country unlawfully will not be going to prison -- after the judge cited a need for "compassion."

Source Feed: FOX News
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A San Diego man was arrested Friday for allegedly starting a suspicious house fire that killed his parents, sister and injured two siblings last weekend.

Source Feed: FOX News
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The sign, which is the fourth to replace others that were vandalized, is made of steel and weighs 500 pounds.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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A New Mexico man who served with the Marines in Vietnam said a final goodbye last week to the beloved dog he had to put up for adoption when he entered hospice care.

Source Feed: FOX News
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After looming over the streets of New Orleans for over a week, two damaged cranes that leaned precariously over the remains of a partially collapsed hotel were brought down using a series of controlled explosions.

Source Feed: FOX News
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Black residents of the city complained about mistreatment by the police long before Atatiana Jefferson’s death. “I never was supposed to be arrested,” said one woman. “I was the caller.”

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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A security expert said of the coach’s actions: “I think it says a lot about his character. It’s a remarkable feat.”

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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That campaigns are now being fought largely online campaign is hardly a revelation, yet only one political party seems to have gotten the message.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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Johnson & Johnson announced on Friday that it's initiating a voluntary recall in the United States of its popular Johnson's Baby Powder due to low levels of asbestos contamination.

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