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Greg Zanis has delivered more than 26,000 handmade memorials for victims of shootings and natural disasters, including the five to remember last week’s shooting in Illinois.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S.
Categories: aurora (ill), murders, attempted murders and homicides, volunteers and community service, zanis, greg

More than 1,500 people braved snow and freezing drizzle to attend a prayer vigil for five co-workers who were fatally shot at a suburban Chicago manufacturing plant.

Source Feed: FOX News
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With 21 months until Election Day 2020, Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as left-wing radicals on the economy, abortion and Israel.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S.
Categories: united states politics and government, green new deal, united states economy, elections, house of representatives, socialism (theory and philosophy), abortion, anti-semitism


An Irving, Texas, police officer was injured after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a police vehicle early Sunday morning.

Source Feed: FOX News
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Six illegal immigrants with ties to a Mexican drug cartel — a rival of the powerful Sinaloa cartel, whose notorious leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was convicted last week — were arrested in an elaborate drug trafficking operation in North Carolina, according to reports.

Source Feed: FOX News
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Efforts to grant elements of nature legal rights have been around for decades. It’s a legal strategy Toledo voters will weigh as they think about Lake Erie.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S.
Categories: water pollution, lake erie, toledo (ohio), environment, elections, agriculture and farming, lakes, rivers, algae

A dog that went missing in Massachusetts months ago has been reunited with its family after being found in Maine, 175 miles (282 kilometers) away.

Source Feed: FOX News
Categories: 19cc1499-fcb8-568c-a43e-9d81cfc6ade5, fox-news/us, fnc, fnc/us, article, associated press, south paris, maine

A man was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he admitted to sparking a wildfire in Southern California that forced over 7,000 residents to evacuate last summer.

Source Feed: FOX News
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