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The first World Trade Center terror attack occurs; the U.S. takes over building the Panama Canal.

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A Utah woman who fought against criminal charges after being seen topless by her stepchildren in her home took a plea deal Tuesday to avoid having to register as a sex offender if convicted, her lawyers said.

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Candidates on the debate stage in South Carolina characterized the president’s reaction to the global crisis as chaotic and misinformed.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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An effort to encourage conservatives to participate in the state’s open primary for Democrats is meant to show the process’s flaws. Chaos, organizers said, would be a side benefit.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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In December 2019, President Trump signed a Defense spending bill authorizing the creation of a "Space Force," as the sixth branch of the United States armed forces. Here are the details on how it came to be and what to expect from it, going forward.

Source Feed: FOX News
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A Florida father has been indicted for first-degree murder in the slayings of his wife and three children at their home near Disney World, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Source Feed: FOX News
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A man charged with raping an 11-year-old girl in Maryland was living in the United States illegally, authorities said.

Source Feed: FOX News
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Other parts of the country groan at the arrival of snow, but some people in the Midwest cheer for it. Sledding is the rare pursuit that has changed little in decades.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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A federal judge ruled that Costa Mesa, Calif., does not have to house coronavirus patients, at least for now. Local officials had argued that the chosen facility posed safety risks.

Source Feed: NYT > U.S. News
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