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The sound of gunfire was again heard Wednesday morning, but the Kenyan president said later in the day that all the assailants had been “eliminated.”

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The British prime minister promised to reach out to opponents after her E.U. plans were voted down by a crushing margin. But first she has to survive.

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Survey results released Tuesday show that a third of United Nations employees reported experiencing sexual harassment at the agency within the last two years.

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Claudia Weber, 55, takes the train into Munich, Germany, each day, and turned her frustrations with a year of spotty service into a four-foot striped scarf.

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China will defend its claim to Taiwan “at any cost,” should the United States try to intervene in the island’s independence, a senior Chinese military official reportedly told a U.S. Admiral during a Sunday meeting in Beijing.

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Multiple law enforcement agencies including an anti-terror unit were responding to a shooting at a hotel in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi on Tuesday, a police spokesman told local news outlets.

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From a systematic pursuit of the “pyramid of crime” to a ban on unruly armed men, new initiatives have brought a rare thing to Kabul: a whiff of optimism.

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The outsized defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan in Parliament may signal the end of Britain’s “elective dictatorship” and the start of a more gridlock-prone system.

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In a devastating blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May, the British Parliament rejected a bill Tuesday that lists the terms of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union — more than two years after the country's historic 2016 referendum that resulted in the decision to depart the E.U.

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